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    • NUCLEAR PHYSICS AND PLASMA MIR (Microwave Imaging Reflect…   2017.02.07
      MIR(Microwave Imaging Reflectometry) 장치는 플라즈마의 컷오프 층(cut-off layer)에 마이크로파를 입사시킨 뒤, 반사되어 나오는 빔의 위상차를 이용하여 컷오프층의 전자밀도요동을 측정하는 진단 장치로써,  KSTAR MIR 장치는 2012년 KSTAR G-port에 설치되었다. 세로 방향으로 배열된 16개의 detector와 사중 주파수 마이크로파 소스를 이용함으로서 (16 X 4)의 공간 데이터를 동시에 측정하며, 이를 통해 플라즈마 내부 밀도 요동을 준 2차원으로 시각화 할 수 있다. MIR 장치는 플라즈마의 MHD 불안정구조 및 섭동 현상 분석에 기여하고 있다.MIR(Microwave Imaging Reflectometry) is the diagnostics system that measures the electron denstiy fluctuation at the cut-off layer by resolving phase difference between reflected microw…
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    • NUCLEAR PHYSICS AND PLASMA ECEI(Electron Cyclotron Emissi…   2017.02.07
      본 연구실에서 개발에 참여한 ECEI 장치는 플라즈마의 폴로이달 (poloidal) 단면 전자 온도 변화를 2차원 영상으로 진단하는 최첨단 장치이다. 2010년에 dual array로 구성된 ECEI-Ⅰ 장치가 KSTAR H-port에 설치되었고, 2012년에는 이웃한 G-포트에 single array의 ECEI-Ⅱ 장치를 설치하여, 세계 최초 준 3차원 토카막 플라즈마 전자 온도 진단 시스템을 구축하였다.ECEI 시스템은 sawtooth, tearing mode (TM), edge localized modes (ELMs), edge turbulence, plasma disruption 등 중요 MHD 불안정 현상들을 성공적으로 관찰하여, 관련 연구의 발전에 큰 역할을 하였다.The KSTAR ECEI system is the world-best imaging diagnostic tool that observes the electron temperature fluctuation at poloidal surface of plasmas a…
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    • NUCLEAR PHYSICS AND PLASMA Development of compact acceler…   2017.02.07
      A C-band standing-wave accelerating structure was developed for a radiotherapy X-ray or an electron source, which is capable of producing 6 MeV/ average 1.6 kW or 7.5 MeV/ average 2 kW electron beams by using a 2.5 MW C-band magnetron. The bi-periodic and on-axis-coupled standing-wave structure operated at pi/2 mode is adopted for a compact accelerator size. This 48 cm long accelerating structure contains 3 different bunching cells optimized for transverse focusing as well as longitudinal bunching, 14 normal cells mainly wor…
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    • NUCLEAR PHYSICS AND PLASMA Boron Neutron Capture Therapy   2017.02.07
      Accelerator based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) system is considered to be more compact, safe, and useful than the nuclear power plant based BNCT. A new accelerator based BNCT project is started in Korea using 10 MeV proton beam linear accelerator. We designed the neutron generation target, and energy moderation assembly at the end of beam line. Beryllium foil is chosen as the neutron generation target. Since beryllium has serious problem of hydrogen blistering, however, good cooling mechanism should be adopted. In th…
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    • NUCLEAR PHYSICS AND PLASMA Measurements of neutron resona…   2017.02.07
      Neutron capture yields of dysprosium isotopes (161-Dy, 162-Dy, 163-Dy, and 164-Dy) were measured using the time-of-flight method with a 16-segment sodium iodide multiplicity detector. The measurements were made at the 25-m flight station at the Gaerttner LINAC Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Resonance parameters were obtained using the multilevel R-matrix Bayesian code SAMMY. 
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